How to start developing for Android

How to start developing for Android

How to start developing for Android

Where to begin?

There are many languages ​​for mobile development, but we recommend starting with the most basic and traditional – Java. It has consistently been the 1st or 2nd most popular language among programmers since 2002 (according to the TIOBE Programming Language Index).
After you master the basics of programming in it, all other languages ​​will be easy for you. However, we advise you not to learn several languages ​​at once. It is better to first fully deal with one, and only then move on to another.

Why Java?

It is in Java that most projects and applications are written, as well as large Enterprise applications, such as online banks. It is classic, strongly typed, which means it is perfect for the entry-level.
What advantages of Java we can immediately note:
Java code is verbose and long. On the one hand, it can immediately scare off, but this is a plus. In the process of writing code, everything is so clear and clear that you are less likely to make mistakes or get unexpected behavior.
Java has few language constructs, and most of them are interpreted unambiguously.
It has backward compatibility, that is, when a new version of the language is released, nothing breaks in the old code, in contrast to more specialized languages, such as Swift.
For a beginner, there are many advantages to Java”s popularity. At the very least, he has a huge community. This means it is very easy to find people who know the details and can help you learn. For example, among friends, by word of mouth or just in groups on social networks and channels in instant messengers.
There is also a large number of articles, videos and books available, which are constantly updated, so it will be easier to find help than with an exotic language.
Therefore, Java is the language with which you should start learning programming, master mobile development and in which you should make your first application, and only then develop further and learn other languages.

How do I start writing Java code?

If you are starting to learn Java from scratch, then immediately answer yourself the question of how much time you are willing to devote to practice. Because any programming language is like English: you cannot learn only from books and theory.
First, you need to understand basic programming concepts. They are similar across all languages, start with Java variables and datatypes, conditional operators, loops, functions and arrays. These are exactly the syntactic constructs of the language that you will then use to build your code.
It is important to pay attention to OOP – object-oriented programming. It is a paradigm (approach, idea) of describing things from the real world in code by combining properties and methods. For example, each car has a set of characteristics: brand, type of fuel, power, year of manufacture – these are the properties of the car. In turn, each car has a set of functions: it can drive, brake, control headlights, etc. In OOP, it is as important as knowing the functions and characteristics of the car for the driver.
At this stage, this basic knowledge will be enough for you to create your first application, such as a simple calculator or a game.

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